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I have loved, and have been involved in music just about all of my life.
From being in the school recorder group, and then the school brass band, Getting my first Organ when I was 11 before Craving a Guitar, (my Dad made me one from cardboard with elastic bands for strings). I finally got my first real Guitar when I was 14.
After leaving school, I have been in a number of bands, Oakwood (with Peter Dunk & Karl Robins), Pheonix (with Peter Dunk), Mr.Ree (with Karl Robins & Mick Smith),  Gypsy (with Royce Seabourne & Peter Dunk), Nightjar (with Royce Seabourne, Peter Dunk, & Nigel Bell), Point Blank, & Sticky (with Royce Seabourne), Blackwater (with Peter Dunk & Royce Seabourne), Trader (with Peter Dunk), and Dancing With Ghosts (with Karl Robins, Sheree Parkinson, & Andy Waterhouse).
I still write and record solo Instrumental stuff, and the odd song, and you will find various things to listen to on this site. So there you are, That's me!

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